Adams Hill House
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The views are indescribable. The light and weather changes so often, you can’t understand how beautiful it is until you have been here a few days
— An international visitor
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established in 1971

Douglas Jaubert, a young man of limited means but unlimited imagination bought one acre of land from a cousin - William Mundell, the Poet Laureate of Vermont appointed after Robert Frost.

That summer, he cleared land, poured a cement pad, then built a chimney. On Christmas eve, in the dark, he walked to this chimney, shoveled off three feet of snow, built a fire and poured himself a glass of wine. While he sat on a log, he made himself a promise. "One day, I'll have a proper house here."

The house as you see it today is the result of his education as an artist and an architect, then a career designing for some of the wealthiest people on the West Coast and in Latin and South America. His exposure to architectural and artistic styles through extensive international travel, as well as his own artistic endeavors in fine arts, decorative painting, stone, metal work and furniture making have led to this design - not to mention the procurement and creation of the architectural artifacts, art, custom furnishings and antiques that surround you.

It is the feeling in this house that people respond to, and that feeling is directly attributable to the remarkable individual who dreamed the dream so many years ago and made it real.

Douglas F. Jaubert was an artist, decorative arts designer, architect, cabinet and furniture maker, stone sculptor, visionary, itinerate traveler and wise magus/mentor to everyone he met, young and old. He left many exquisite properties as his legacy, Adams Hill House being his personal home and favorite place.


Continuing the Legacy

Nancy Elizabeth Shaw

Nancy Elizabeth Shaw


Nancy Elizabeth Shaw is a polymath.

She is a writer, researcher, strategist, consultant, historian, "nesting" and green living expert, passionate cook, 5-star property refurbishment specialist and lifestyle-wellness consultant. Over a period of more than a decade, she directed the complete redecoration and renovation of several 5-star luxury hotel properties.

She feels fortunate to have had many experiences during a 30-year career that have uniquely prepared her for creating a casual-luxury experience here at Adams Hill House for your pleasure and health.

Roy Alexander Malcolm

Roy Alexander Malcolm


Roy Alexander Malcolm is an artist, writer, and more than 30 year alternative-healing practicioner.

He owns spas in Monterey, California and in his personal healing practice helps young sports professionals, children with difficult physical conditions and older clients find healing through his special gifts. As a young man, he graduated with Honors in Literature and Philosophy from University of Toronto, Victoria College. After a period in publishing, his interests changed from business to the healing arts. He studied alternative healing and spiritual practices in Asia and at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. He has taught Yoga and practiced 10 modalities of healing therapy for more than 30 years.

Presently, this experienced and gifted healer is offering Spa Development Consulting to those who wish to provide the best in healing at their own wellness spas. At Adams Hill House, he is responsible for all wedding marketing and he directs the Adams Hill Wellness Retreat programs to facilitate other practitioners use of this incredible healing environment for their own programs.