Adams Hill House
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Adams Hill House


The Estate



discover a luxury sanctuary

This private 25-acre estate property nestled among the trees overlooking the beautiful Southern Vermont countryside is an artist-designed casual-luxury home. Managed by a former hospitality executive, you will find every comfort here you would expect at a boutique luxury hotel.

Ideal as a wedding venue, it is also perfect for commemorating a birthday, anniversary, or retirement with family and friends. 

As a vacation retreat, Adams Hill House will change your entire outlook after just a few days. Our guests enjoy the silence, the weather that flows over the hillside to the west, the wind in the trees and the sound of the river below. You return to your busy life relaxed and refreshed.

Staying at Adams Hill House provides a relaxing experience very similar to country estate properties in the UK and Europe, but so much closer to home!


We can't wait to delight you.


Newfane, VT 05345


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